About Us

David loves surprises. He used meetforchat.com for a while, but honestly and although he met many girls, he found his girl on the other side. It was a great experience. We enriched ourselves professionally and learned a lot, but since the goal was for David to call, we finished the web and only consulted from time to time and then the unexpected happened. Suddenly one day, when opening the mail, we found a message from the server of meetforchat.com that said that we had exceeded the consumption limit.

How? What? What happened?

Our surprise was to open the chat and find more than 30,000 users using it. I knew, not only had I been working alone, but had grown up.

The Solidarity

The question then was ... What do we do with the meetforchat.com? We cannot leave more than 30,000 users without your social network. We must be in solidarity with all the people who, like David, need digital means to make themselves known, overcome their fears, make friends and open to love. Without hesitation, we decided to give it a facelift, a new look, new functions, repairs. And what if we add..? That we take it, right? Do we start from scratch? The dimensions of the project had grown a bit for us, so we had the support of Annie, a friend who was also interested in participating in the project. Annie began the development of a new special web framework for the meetforchat.com, Marc put his hands on the object Carlos devised a new navigation and structure. The appearance was improved, functions were added, others were removed, and this is the result of all these months of work.